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Greg Walters, the founder of GAW Marine, has combined his unmatched metal and timber engineering skills with a passion for retro style timber boats- as a result our vessels are a product of dedicated prefectionism equal to or even better than any similar manufacturers worldwide.

All our boats are made from FSC Certified, Prime Grade, Kiln Dried Sapele Mahogany (Entandophragma cylindricum).

We produce:

  • Replica Chriscraft USA Barrelbacks with V8 or V6 engines
  • Our Bergwind 30 seagoing sportsboat with twin V8 engines


All our boats are available complete


Pre- finished and pre-fitted hulls only (engines, transmissions, instrumentation and wiring harness excluded)



Superbly Handcrafted Mahogany Powerboats
Beautiful cruising with effortless power

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